What Are Contractions?

Contractions basically shorten two words, a new word created by combining the two words. Compression means the same, only the structure is different.
For example
I am = I’m
It is = It’s

Not knowing the Contraction often makes it difficult to understand the sentences. If you know the Contraction, you can use the word sortcut in the sentence. It is very important to know the Contraction.

There are two types of Contractions

  1. Positive Contractions
  2. Negative Contractions

Using Contractions in sentences makes the sentence easier, shorter and more beautiful.

Positive Contractions

I amI’m
I’m older than you.
I hadI’d
I’d better do my homework.
I willI’ll
I’ll tell you later.
I wouldI’d
You’re my best friend.
You areYou’re
You’re my best friend.
You hadYou’d
You’d gone to the mosque.
You haveYou’ve
You’ve seen it before.
You wouldYou’d
You’d really like it.
You willYou’will
You’ll be late.
He isHe’s
He is my  cousin.
He hasHe’s
He’s been to london twice.
He hadHe’had
He’s already spent the money.
He willHe’ll
He’ll lend you  bike.
He wouldHe’d
He’d rather go shopping.
She isShe’s
She is very intelligent.
She hasShe’s
She’s been studying for hours.
She hadShe’d
She’d gone to bad before he called.
She willShe’ll
She’ll be working late today.
She wouldShe’d
She’d love to go.
It isIt’s
It’s much warmer today.
It hasIt’s
It’s been fun.
It hadIt’d
It’d been  snowing all night.
It willIt’ll
It’ll be fine.
It wouldIt’d
It’d  been great.
We areWe’re
We’re all excited.
We hadWe’d
We’d forgotten to take them.
We haveWe’ve
We’ve all thought about it.
We willWe’ll
We’ll go next summer.
We wouldWe’d
We’d like to go again.
They areThey’re
They’re living near hear.
They hadThey’d
They’d just finished reading the book then their teacher came.
They haveThey’ve
They’ve asked me before.
They willThey’ll
They’ll meet you there.
They wouldThey’d
They’d have walked if the weather had beed better.
There hasThere’s
There’s been mail today.
There isThere’s
There’s more in the fridge.
There willThere’ll
There’ll be a pretest strike tomorrow.
There hadThere’d
There’d better smartphones for your / There’d a gift for you
There wouldThere’d
There’d a good party for you
That isThat’s
That’s it.
That hasThat’s
That’s gone.
That hadThat’d
That’d better be on the weekend
That wouldThat’d
That’d have been you.

Negative Contractions

Are notAren’t
You aren’t invited.
You can’t smoke in here.
Could notCouldn’t
He couldn’t fine you.
Did notDidn’t
She didn’t remember me.
Deos notDoesn’t
He doesn’t work here.
Do notDon’t
I don’t like this weather.
Had notHadn’t
He hadn’t been told.
Has notHasn’t
She hasn’t left.
Is notIsn’t
This isn’t difficult.
Must notMustn’t
I mustn’t make a noise.
Need notNeedn’t
You needn’s come.
Should notShouldn’t
We shuldn’t eat sweets.
Was notWasn’t
It wasn’t bad.
Were notWeren’t
They weren’t helpful.
Will notWilln’t
We won’t regret it.
Would notWouldn’t
You wouldn’t believe me.