At present it is impossible to imagine the world of technology without programming. Because programming language has become the lifeblood of technology. Everyone wants to learn programming. Many problems start when the programming flame starts. How to learn, where to start, etc. Everything will be clear after reading this article today.

Generally some features are the same in all programming languages. Many times one programming language is found to be similar to another programming language. Some topics exist in all programming languages. If you want to learn a programming language, you must first know these things.

What you need to know to learn a programming language

  • Syntax
  • Comment
  • Variable
  • Data Type
  • Operator
  • Condition
  • Loop
  • Function
  • Array
  • Object

What is Syntax

All programming languages have their own characteristics. You need to know some features of the programming language that you will learn.

  • Whether the programming language is case sensitive.
  • How to declare a variable
  • How to create programming language structures

What is Comment

If you have learned HTML and CSS, you will definitely come up with ideas about Comment. No code should be run and later that code is kept in Comment for use. If you put something in the comment, that code does not work. It is also written in the middle of the comment to understand what the code is for. By doing this, anyone can easily understand by looking at that code later.

What is Variable

Variable is used to keep something in one place. A code is placed in the middle of a variable for repeated use. It does not have to write the same code over and over again. Just call the variable and it will work.

What is Data Type

We work with data in programming. You need to know the different types of data types in programming languages. You need to know how these data types work. You need to know the name of each data type in the programming language. for example,

  • String
  • Integer
  • Float
  • Boolean

In addition to these, there are many types of data types. The function of these data types is also different.

What is Operator

We have used many types of symbolic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in math. There are many types of symbols in programming languages. A variety of problems are solved using these symbols. Symbols in programming languages ​​are called operators. No matter which programming language you are learning, first you need to know what operators come in that programming language and what operators are used for what purpose.

What is Condition

Conditions are usually used to verify a variety of truths. Different logics can be given in the program through condition. Conditioning in programming language can be given in two ways. for example,

  1. if, if else, else
  2. switch

Learn how to use conditioner and how it works.

What is Loop

Loops are used to repeat the same task. If a task has to be repeated in the program, the task can be done very easily using loops. Suppose you write ‘Hello World’ 100-1000 times. It will take a long time to write the same thing 100-1000 times. Then you can easily write ‘Hello World’ 100-1000 times using the loop. There are three types of loops in a programming language. for example,

  1. for loop,
  2. while loop,
  3. do while loop

There are many problems with loops. Many people do not understand that they will use loops in words. You need to know where to use the loop. “for loop” and “while loop” are used more.

What is Function

The same type of code can be used many times in a function without having to write it again and again. It’s a lot like a loop. The difference between a loop and a function is that the loop cannot be controlled, on the other hand the function can be controlled. We can run the function whenever we want.

What is Array

We work with different types of data in programming. This requires working with a large amount of data at different times. An array is a place where a lot of data is put together. Many times arrays are needed to solve various problems.

What is Object

The object is a bit like an array but the completion is different. Objects are written based on a specific topic. In programming language, objects are used many times.

First you have to select a programming language. Then you have to learn the above topics. Learning the above issues will solve many problems. It is very important to learn the above topics in the beginning. Knowing these things will make any programming language easier to learn.